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Worldwide interfloortech GmbH - and daily more and more contractors and customers are choosing the quality and competence of interfloortech GmbH - products for sports floorings, industrial floorings and sealing systems based on polyurethane- and epoxy resins. Furthermore interfloortech GmbH provides sports equipment, installation equipment and a wide range of consulting to plan, design and realize projects all over the world.

Interfloortech GmbH is a young, creative and independent enterprise founded in 2008. By consolidating more than 55 years of research, experience and technical service, interfloortech GmbH was founded to work together with customers closely and to exploit this potential.

Economical, innovative and professional systems, project- and customer orientated and the short organisational ways to take decisions are the power of interfloortech GmbH.

The quality of our products, the personal identification of our employees and the responsibility of our important economical business are the main reasons for a perfect relationship with the interfloortech GmbH -team.